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VS1 LOFT System

The glass wall in the VS1 LOFT system is a twin version of our proprietary VS1 system. Based on a single-pane structure, with a light, aluminium frame and industrial muntins, it fits perfectly in brick, wood or raw concrete high ceiling spaces.

Loft walls and walls are a solution that, thanks to its practicality and aesthetics, is extremely popular and is perfect for both office spaces and residential arrangements

ściana szklana loft
ściana szklana typu loft

VS1 Loft Doors

For a loft wall we recommend using our VS1 system glass doors in a delicate, aluminium frame and horizontal muntins. The VS1 LOFT system will perfectly fit into doors in an aluminium frame, all-gloss doors and even wooden doors. Each of them can be equipped with a self-closing gasket.


VS1 Loft glass wall system with dedicated doors matches perfectly with brick or wood materials. Additionally, it can be used in:

  • restaurants
  • apartments in tenement houses
  • apartments
  • offices, creative studios
  • any rooms used for the industrial purposes
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Glass used: VSG 66.2 and VSG 66.2SI

Glass thickness: 12mm

Maximum wall height: 2800 mm

Maximum wall width: no limit

Maximum width of the glass form: 1000 mm

Connection system: muntin

Profile: aluminium

Frame width: 30 mm

Height of the bottom profile: 30 mm

Top profile height: 35 mm

Width of the horizontal muntin bars: 30mm

The thickness of the muntin bars: from 1mm to 3mm

Acoustic insulation: for glass 66.2 = 36dB, for VSG 66.2SI = 38dB