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MB45 System

MB45 System

MB45 system is a solid and universal system of glass walls, which is recommended for use in high ceiling spaces – for instance, shopping centers or office buildings. One of its features is the possibility to form various types of arches and arched constructions by bending profiles incl. frames, sashes and lacings. The use of seals made of special synthetic EPDM rubber prevents material aging for years.

A characteristic feature of the system is its close connection with the MB-60 and MB-70 window and door systems. The versatility and attractiveness of the system is additionally increased by the possibility to choose between several solutions, including bottom sealing of door leaves, sealing of sliding and swinging doors, shape of glazing beads, shape and height of door sills.

MB45 Doors

On top of the permanent construction it is possible to create stylish all-glass hinged and swing doors as well as standard doors from the elements of the MB-45 system.

The constructional depth of the window sections is 45 mm (frame), 54 mm (casement), and the door is 45 mm and 45 mm respectively. This setup produces a uniform surface effect for the windows, and a flushed casement and frame surface effect for the doors. The shape of the profiles makes window and door structures both slender and durable.


MB-45 is a modern aluminium system used to make architectural elements of internal and external buildings that do not require thermal insulation.

  • shopping centres
  • windows, doors, including manual and automatic sliding doors, swing doors, swinging doors
  • checkout boxes, showcases, spatial structures

Technical specification

Glass used: 8 VSG SI / 12/6 VSG, 12/6 VSG, 12 VSG SI,

Maximum wall height: 4150mm

Maximum width of the glass form: 2780 mm

Maximum wall width: no limit

Connection system: muntin and muntin-free

Profile: Anodized aluminium / RAL aluminium

Acoustic insulation: From Rw = 33dB to Rw = 45dB