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GSW Office Plus

GSW Office Plus

Double-glazed system with the highest acoustic insulation parameters designed for spaces where confidentiality of the conversation is essential, such as executive offices or conference rooms, as well as spaces where it is essential to be able to focus in silence.


The GSW Office Plus system is available in a muntin-free configuration and in two muntin versions – endoGRID and exoGrid. The difference is in the arrangement of the muntin bars in the space between the panes. In the endoGRID version they are inside, and in the case of exoGRID – outside of the space.

Urban Plus Doors

It is possible to use one- or two-pane glass doors in an aluminium frame from the Urban Plus range for the GSW Office PLUS system glass walls. The main value of this solution is keeping great aesthetics and high quality structure while providing high acousting insulation up to Rw = 43db.


GSW Office Plus is an internal system of glass walls with excellent acoustics, used in:

  • executive and managerial office rooms
  • law firms
  • representative rooms
  • conference rooms

Full GSW Office visual and system compatibility

Glass used: ESG 10, 12; VSG 44.X, 55.X, 66.X, 88.2, 106.2

Maximum wall height: 3400 mm – 4000 mm

Maximum wall width: no limit

Connection system: muntin and muntin-free

Profile: Anodized aluminium / RAL aluminium

Acoustic insulation: RW = 41 ÷ 52 dB