Jesteśmy polskim producentem szklanych ścian działowych. Specjalizujemy się w dostarczaniu, projektowaniu i instalacji systemów szklanych ścian do biur, sklepów i przemysłu.  

tel:   22 487 16 56


This is the place where you could expect us to write about being a Polish based, leading manufacturer of the partition walls, specializing in the delivery, design and installation of glass wall systems for offices, shops and factories. That our multiple years of experience helped us to achieve a unique solution which stands out with the design and functionality. You could probably expect us to add a few additional buzzwords like “amazing”, “best in class”, “bespoke to your needs” and a few additional PR statements about our advantages and uniqueness. Nevertheless, since this section is meant to be “about us” it WILL be about us.


There are about 30 fantastic people in our team. We are located in a relatively small office in Wojcieszyn, near Warsaw, Poland where we design, prototype, prepare and manufacture our systems that are then shipped to our clients in Poland and recently to other countries in Europe.

We are passionate about our work and dedicated to it. We are always full of new ideas and we love to spread positive energy. We have full ownership over our products, from the first stages of the design, through the manufacturing and assembly to the post-sale support, warranty and repair.

Outside work we have families, friends and passions. We go to concerts, train martial-arts, sail, cycle and tinker with cars. Oh yesss, almost half of the team are crazy about cars – this enthusiasm is adopted from our leaders.

In Vetro everyone stays true to themselves, which also applies in communication with customers. Our goal is to build a secure environment and stay connected with you in every aspect of the project so that we deliver according to your expectations and keep a long-term partnership.


A few completed projects for your reference